Will York – Really Nice Pills

Will York also known as ‘Really Nice Pills’ has recently had a pivotal point in his Fine Art practice. After studying Art and Design at College and then Fine Art at University he struggled to engage himself until the last few months of his education.

Although he struggled to engage himself, Will was confident in where everything was heading with his practice and career, he recalls that perhaps he was maybe ‘too confident’.

He was getting regular opportunities though the music scene in Leeds and began to make some important connections in the art scene too. He even turned down several opportunities without checking them out properly. This turned out to be quite a big mistake.

Going through the struggle of finding yourself as an artist what advise would you give aspiring or artists in general who are struggling to be satisfied with their practice? Its so important to enjoy your practice. If you don’t enjoy it what’s the point? If you feel your work is becoming stagnant then change your medium and start experimenting.  Turning 25 was an important milestone for my creative practice. It was quite scary and made me feel like I had wasted a lot of opportunities and burned too many bridges along the way. This year has been pivotal.

Performance Paintings – His new and ‘improved’ practice

Will describes his paintings as being a by-product of stress and the lack of direction that he felt. Now he views them as an expression that doesn’t exist in an audible language. He always wanted to express something chaotic and aggressive yet beautiful and the performances are a product of anxiety – he got so stressed out and anxious at his own exhibitions he had to find a way to expose himself and grow not only as an artist but as a sociable human being. His recent works are expressionistic. Previous works are immersive. He has always been fascinated in creating experimental and emotive works regardless of medium. He gathers inspiration from ‘Anywhere and everywhere’. he believes he spends much more time thinking than doing, and feels that its very important for him to designate time for critical thinking. Usually his starting point is through build scenarios in his head, and then to do some experimentation.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 13.51.45.png


His new practice has not only opened doors for him but has added multitude of new dimensions for his thought process and future plans. Will doesn’t want to reveal any big plans at the moment bit he is aiming high!

Does collaboration interest you? It does interest me. As long as I have a mutual understanding with my collaborators it can be highly beneficial to combine skills.

Being a practicing artist is completely automatic to Will, he sees it as a way of life, a way of seeing and a way of thinking. ‘You can not turn it off, it’s exhausting’

As a practicing artist Will feels that having a job on the side is important, especially when coming to a crossroads in your practice. ‘I always make sure that if I do have a side job it has to be the absolute minimum commitment without starving to death or becoming homeless. The only way to create a balance is by working harder and sometimes compromising. More often than not this will be your social life.’ 



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