CollectiveF8, a group of emerging Female photographers from all around the UK and further afield, currently based in Edinburgh and studying there at the College of Art.

They came together as a friendship group but realised early on that they worked great together in the studio, and wanted to curate some kind of opportunity to push each other’s work further.

‘We see a lot of collective groups around ECA, such as SoftBox, beginning to gain professional traction and were completely inspired to join forces!’

Interviewing a few of the girls separately I have been able to get an insight into them and their individual practices and can see how they possibly inspire one and other.


What do you feel you all share as a collective, other than a passion for photography?

Honestly, it’s probably both the love for and stress of our degree that brought us closer together! Aside from that, we all share the experience of being female artists and think it’s important to create a positive space to celebrate that – there’s still a lot of need for girls supporting girls in the arts. We’re all opinionated, passionate and care about our community – within ECA, the local area and our hometowns. This collective gives us a productive, structured outlet for that energy.

What do you all aim to achieve by working together?

Our fundamental aim is to create interesting opportunities to collaborate and show our art, beyond what we could achieve as individuals. We’re also concerned with addressing social issues and inciting change. A lot of discussion goes on as to how we can achieve that through photography – but each of us has a different perspective to bring to the table. Images are a universal language, and we believe photography is a great tool to raise awareness of the issues we care about.

What kind of collaborations are you interested in?

We’re really excited to collaborate with anyone who matches our creative energy – be it bloggers, journalists or other artists. We’re especially keen to work with galleries and art spaces to contribute to our local art scene in an exciting way.

What themes do you wish to explore as a collective?
The beauty of working as a group from all different backgrounds is that we have such a diverse range of personal interests and can learn from each other. There’s a wide variety of topics we’ve wanted to explore as individuals, and most of us are still figuring out who we want to be as artists – it’s exciting to support each other on that journey. We’re in the early stages of figuring out our common passions and joining creative forces on more collaborative projects.

Can other people get involved?

Who knows what the future holds – we’re totally open to suggestions! Fundamentally, we’re just a group of friends who’ve figured out that we work great together. We’re not taking on new members at this time, but we’re really keen to find out what our viewers and community want to see and what they think is important for us to address.

How do you see CollectiveF8 growing or expanding?
The possibilities are endless! We’re ready to hit the ground running and plan to start really engaging with the public, galleries and art spaces in the new academic year – whatever feels natural and inspiring. On a personal level, we’re hoping our confidence and experience grows as we tackle new challenges!

 I understand you have an up and coming project – tell us about that.

We’re really excited about this one! We have a fantastic venue booked for our debut exhibition right in the middle of ECA Welcome Week (18th September – 21st September 2018). It’ll be at the Fire Station, Edinburgh and is set to showcase a broad range of work, it will be a great way to show new students what it’s possible to achieve.

We need all the support we can get to make it happen – there’s more information at, and there’ll be some great incentives to donate!

Also on the note of inciting change, two of our artists – Izzie Budler and Amber Brown – were recently announced as the award winners of the Global Justice Academy Photography Competition. We’re very excited about this as it will result in their work being showcased in two upcoming exhibitions with relation to GJA events!

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview us! You can keep up to date with our activites on social media –

Facebook: CollectiveF8 // Instagram: CollectiveF8

Check out their individual artist profiles on Instagram!

Amber Brown – Northumberland, England – @amberbrownphotography
Izzie Budler – Leeds, England – @eizzibuddler
Louise Burns – Bathgate, Scotland – @louiseburnsart
Lucy Fradley – Peterborough, England – @lucyfradleyphotography
Anna Hunter – Glasgow, Scotland – @annajameyphotography
Amy Iona – Edinburgh, Scotland – @amyionaa
Emily Lynch – London, England – @e.lynchphotography
Serina Ma – Shanghai, China  –

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