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Recently the students studying their Extended and Foundation Art and Design diplomas at York College have exhibited their final major projects before they head off to new destinations and ventures. Here are just a few of the emerging talent from these courses at the college.

Ellie Morgan – ‘Loss of Identity’

Student of the Art and Design Extended course at the college, specialising in Fine Art. Her project was based on loss on identity and how the media can contribute towards this – ‘Once you are online you become a number not a person. From the use of media it takes away emotion and feelings towards one person, as it is over a screen.’ The series of images she created all had the identity hidden behind textures – which used various types of media.



Destination – Foundation Course at York College

   – – –

Holly Crerar – ‘Human Anatomy’

Before starting the Foundation Diploma, Holly studied for her A levels at the college – one of which was textiles where she realised her passion for the subject. ‘Human Anatomy’ is aiming to portray the idea that on the inside we are all the same no matter what views or opinions we have. I think that is so important, especially in this day and age when people are so often singled out for factors such as their beliefs or sexuality. ‘I wanted to create a textiles piece that is beautiful to look at, but has an important message behind it backed up by my research and background of the work. I hope everyone can relate to it and that it will make people think about these issues.’

The Foundation cause has allowed her to experiment with different areas with in surface pattern design, considering her favourite to be interiors because of the broad range of products you can create for it.

Holly was really impressed with the facilities Birmingham offered for the course she has chosen as well as the vast links with industry. Also the vibrancy of the city itself.


Destination – Birmingham City University

– – –

Rose Kershaw – ‘Cirque Du Soleil’

Her piece is a costume made for ‘Cirque Du Soleil’, based off big cats.  She decided to make a body suit – for ease of movement for the performers and a see through mask so the performers could still use facial expressions to enhance their performance.

She chose to influence her costume with big cats because she felt that an acrobatic/dancers movements are very feline and that these linked really well.

Model – Jasper Mountain @niamitsu_no (Comic Book Artists)


Destination – University of Huddersfield, Costume design with textiles 

– – –

Mia Proctor – ‘Japan’

Her project was all about Japan and the things that she loves about it – modern fashion trends, food and drink, nature and religion etc. Mia did a lot of research into these areas which lead her to produce her final pieces.

Her final piece was an alternate travel guide, she used Japanese book-binding and placed the pages so that it would be read from the back to the front- like a traditional Japanese book would be.

It consisted of – the things that you would expect to find in Japan, the traditional food such as sushi and then on the alternate page it had illustrations of the strange foods eaten in Japan such as raw horse meat.

She made part of the book on ‘Yami Kawaii’ which translates to ‘dark cute’ a new fashion trend in Japan which tackles mental illness and suicide by people wearing bandages, surgical masks, noose and syringe necklaces as accessories.

“Throughout this project, I wanted to develop my screen-printing skills so I did a couple of Japanese typography pieces using different colours and I also sold a few at the ‘Print Stuff’ fair in York. As well as these, I made a simple 2 colour screen-print with a Japanese poppy, which was one of the centre pieces in my creative show space.”

Mia also made badges and stickers from the illustrations she had made during the project, she thought this would be a nice idea so that people could take them and remember her work.


Instagram – @miaproctorart



Destination – Leeds Arts University, Foundation Year in Art and Design

– – –

Elizabeth Forbes

After previously doing A level art, Elizabeth didn’t feel ready to choose a specialism so she decided to complete the Foundation Diploma at the college where this helped her to decide on a route

Initially when I came to York College I wasn’t sure what I would specialise in because when I completed art a levels I was only exposed to a small proportion of art and design. During a levels I had an interest in digitalising art work and repeats but I didn’t know what specialism would be most suited to me. After the first month or so of trying all the different specialisms I realised Fashion and textiles was the most suited for me due to the textile prints I am interested in as well as my interest in digital programmes for art. For my Final Major Project I chose to look at fruits and flowers because I found their textures interesting. Fruits and Flowers had great potential for textile prints because a lot of common textile designs contain that. When I was creating my prints I looked at Susan Driscoll, Minakani and Marimekko. I was most inspired by Driscoll due to her loose line drawings and filling blank spaces with colourful dots. After I had a few designs I looked into products that were most suited for them and with the help of my tutor I chose kitchenware. I was really pleased with my designs even more so once they were on an object and fabric. I look forward to studying Printed Textiles at University to develop my style and learn more about the industry.



Destination – Leeds Arts University, Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design

Instagram – @elizabethforbes.design

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