About us

GEORGIA 3Being an aspiring designer myself I know how hard it is to get recognition, even on a small scale. If you can get online recognition which creates a bigger profile for yourself
then ultimately thats half the battle. This Blog and the Instagram Page I initially set up is really for me to showcase other creatives work as well as to give others a place to appreciate it. Hopefully in the future this project will be a source for getting some talented people some well deserved recognition.

Anyone can get involved!  I’m open to posting anything creative on my Instagram account @gc.creativesphere, after all the creative spectrum is massive. I want this page to be full of amazing talent who haven’t quite been given the recognition yet. The whole aim is to post others work.

I have now also decided to involve small businesses!

My idea for this blog is for it to work hand-in-hand with the Instagram account – maybe some of you would be happy for me to do an interview with you about yourself and what you do or maybe just a little review to go with my Instagram post on you!

It’d be greatly appreciated if you could share both our Instagram and Facebook page @gc.creativesphere on social media platforms as well as giving them a follow and a like.

Personal Art Instagram – @georgiacampbelldesign 

Email – georgiacampbelldesign@outlook.com

Image by Dean Pallister Photography